Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our New Home

Our new house

For those of you who haven't given up hope of me ever posting again, I sincerely apologize for my lengthy absence! I knew that it had been quite some time since my last post, but as I signed in I saw that it has been over two months! Inexcusable, I know. We moved into our new house almost a month ago, and before that we were madly packing and trying to do everything in our old town "one last time" before we moved. I fully intended to blog every step of the way, and well, that just didn't happen. But now I have a new goal. I plan on blogging once a week, on Tuesdays. I may end up blogging more than that, but I will wholeheartedly try to blog at least that often. For now, here are some pictures of our new home. We are not in love with the wood paneling and have plans to repaint each of the rooms, but that will take time. In painting Ellie's room, I was "absent" from my kids for almost two straight days. That is about as much as any of us can handle, so I'm taking it a room at a time, and plan on doing one room a month. So, as I get each room done I will post new pictures. There are other projects we'd like to do as well, but right now Jared is working 12-14 hour days, so any house projects are on hold. Blessings on you today, and please feel free to check back in - I promise to be more consistent in blogging than I have been:)

Ellie's room

Parker's room
Kids' bathroom Our bedroom
Our bathroom (there is a bathtub out of view)
Kitchen Dining room
1/2 of living room
Other 1/2 of living room


  1. nice and big! Is it nice to have separate rooms for each kiddo? I can wait till I can move my girl into her own room again, it will make bedtime more sane!

  2. So glad you're blogging again! The house looks like fun. Can't wait to see all that you do with it!