Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Party!

We had such a fun morning this morning! For a couple weeks now we've been planning our Easter party, and today was the day! Several of Ellie and Parker's friends came over and we colored Easter pictures, decorated eggs, ate lots of yummy snacks, had an Easter egg hunt and played a lot! We had a wonderful time!

Ellie and Parker wore their Easter clothes. They looked so great!

So many yummy things to eat (there are LOTS of left-overs to enjoy for the next few days)!

I made little Easter baskets for party favors, and the kids helped me paint a bunch of coffee filters, which we put chocolates in and tucked in the baskets.

I think the kids all had fun decorating Easter eggs! They colored them with crayons and then dyed them.

"Mmm! Good cupcakes, Mom!"

Parker enjoyed all his snacks!

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