Saturday, February 19, 2011

Love Day!

This past Monday was Valentine's Day, and I think it was the best Valentine's Day ever! Jared had worked the Saturday before, so he was able to take Valentine's Day off. In the morning I did school with the kids and we had a little Valentine's Day party at the end of school. They opened their Valentine boxes they had made with their Grandma, which had all the Valentines that people had sent to them inside. We had some cupcakes and a few candies, and played a game. Jared gave me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers, some chocolates, and a card (which he wrote in!). Then I made the kids a lunch (heart-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches) for them to eat in the car. We dropped the kids off with a friend of ours, and Jared and I went out to lunch. We ate at PF Changs for the first time, and LOVED it! We had amazing conversation and talked about some of our dreams and goals in life. Then we walked around the mall (I even got to buy a whole bunch of new lotions and perfumes), and drove back to pick up the kids. It wasn't probably the most exciting Valentine's Day in the world, but I felt so loved by my hubby (and my kids). For me, it was the best Valentine's Day!

Ellie's Valentine gifts

Parker's Valentine gifts

One of our Valentine pancakes, cooking

The kids opening their Valentines

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