Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Projects, Part 2 - Apple Core Quilts

I am not a quilter. I would love to be, but thus far in my life I am not. Yes, I have made "quilts," but they just consisted of squares of fabric machine-sewn together, with batting and a backing fabric, and then yarn tied in each square to hold the batting in place. My grandma makes beautiful quilts. She makes them for each couple in our family who gets married, and for each baby born. And now my mom also quilts. And her quilts are fabulous, too. Quilting has always been on my "someday goals" list, but this winter I decided I might as well start now. So I am making two quilts - one for each of my kids. I am using only scraps from things that I've made for my kids, such as jammy pants, curtains, pillowcases, etc. I am using the "Apple Core" pattern, which technically is not supposed to have any repeated fabrics. However, some of my fabrics I am using twice in each quilt. Because I use so little of each fabric, it will take my a long time (probably years) to accumulate enough fabric scraps to make two quilts. So this will be an ongoing project for some years to come. I plan on doing all hand-stitching, which will also take me a very long time. So far I have just gathered my scraps, ironed them, and cut a few pieces out. But it's a start!

The scraps that I have so far...

A couple of the pieces that I've cut out

The first two pieces I've stitched together (although if you look closely, you'll see that they're not centered very well - this was just a practice - so I will take out the stitches and do them over)

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  1. how many inches across are they? You are so brave. I have only done curved stitching once and I nearly lost my mind! I look forward to seeing the results. It will look SO good when you are done.