Sunday, June 20, 2010

An amazing Father

Today is Father's Day, and while I am so thankful for all the fathers in my life, what I want to focus on right now is my Heavenly Father. I am a daughter of the King! Sometimes it's hard to fathom what that means, and how that can be. In fact, when I truly think about it, I am completely in awe. God sent His only son to die, so that I could be His daughter. So that YOU can be His son or daughter. None of us deserve to be called sons and daughters of God, but if we believe in Christ, repent of our sins, and receive His love, we are adopted into His kingdom! I am AMAZED by the love of God. As much as I love my children, and I know Jared loves them just as much, God loves us all infinitely more. Love is not just something God does, it is what He IS. He cannot act outside of love. Everything He does, He does out of love for us. And He does not simply sprinkle His love on us, He LAVISHES His love on us. My life is full of blessings from the Lord. Every day I realize more and more His great love for me, and in turn I fall more deeply in love with Him daily. Earthly fathers, no matter how wonderful, will fall. They will fail, at some time or another. God, however, cannot fail. He is perfect. There is no darkness in Him, only light. No matter what your earthly father is/was like, you can count on God the Father. No matter what you may have done in your lifetime, you can turn to Him, and He will completely and utterly forgive you. No matter what you may be going through right in this moment, He is there for you. He longs to hold you, to carry you through. Nothing is too big for Him. Nothing is too insignificant for Him. He cares. For you. He is the PERFECT Father.

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