Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oregon, Part 3

Our trip is about halfway through, and I've been having a wonderful time, but am missing my hubby very much! Yesterday the kids and I went into town with my mom and we did a little shopping and met my sister for lunch. Other than that, we spent time playing out on the farm (my mom's).

Today we drove to Lincoln City for the day. It was super windy and rainy, but it was our only chance to go to the beach, and we wouldn't have missed it! The kids and I were accompanied by my mom, three of my nieces, and one of my nephews. We did some shopping at the outlet stores (much different experience than my last outlet shopping trip without the kids!). Ellie was super excited to get a Hello Kitty umbrella, Parker got a new puzzle, and they got their Father's Day present for Jared. We ate lunch at Mo's, which was yummy as always. Then we spent all of twenty minutes on the beach, and by the end we were all wet, sandy, and cold. Both kids slept all the way back to my mom's house. It was an adventure! I would have loved a warm, sunny day on the beach, but God had something more exciting in store for us, and it was great! In fact, I don't think my two kids even noticed the cold and rain. They were just happy to be in the sand! Oh, to have the excitement of children!

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  1. sounds like you had a blast even in all that horrid rain yesterday :( Hope the rest of your visit goes well!