Saturday, June 12, 2010

Flowers and waterfalls

There is a beautiful spot near our home (one of many), where every year there are thousands of flowers blooming. We live near a meadow, and at one end of the meadow there is a sea of blue, purple, and yellow. Each year I think that I should take the kids' pictures in the flowers, and then somehow each year it remains just an idea. Well, yesterday I decided that I'd better take the opportunity while the flowers are in bloom. So the kids and I took a walk (about 1 1/2 miles each way), and did an amateur photo shoot. It was a lot of fun! There is also a small waterfall (I don't know if you would even call it that), which we took a few pictures by. The kids wore their rain boots, which was good because it was a fairly swampy area. Ellie was very happy because she got to pick a bouquet of wildflowers (one of her favorite things to do)! Oh, and if you know Ellie, you know that she LOVES to pick out her own outfits (which was the case here)!

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  1. how fun! I love all the pictures! Boy your kids are growing up so quickly. Ellie is such a little lady now.