Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oregon, Part 4

Okay, so life in Oregon got too busy to blog. Now I'll try to go back and remember the details.....

Last Thursday the kids and I met my dad at the playground near his house for a picnic. It was such a blessing that it didn't rain! The kids had a great time, and I know Dad had a lot of fun watching them play on the playground. We went back to Mom's house for naptime, and then drove to visit my sister-in-law, Annie, and her sweet family. She has a 2-year-old daughter, Kya, and Ellie and Parker love to play with her. It's always special to get together with cousins! We played outside in the rain, read books, and had dinner together. It was great to get a chance to visit with Annie for a while.
Friday was "my" day. Mom watched the kids while I went into Portland and got my hair cut and colored, and then went out to sushi with my brother, Rob. It's always great to spend time with Rob. He's an amazing guy, and a very talented hair dresser. Friday evening Ellie had a slumber party with two of her cousins, and I went to visit my sister-in-law, Willy. We had a nice visit, and ended up talking for hours!

Saturday was my niece Lisa's graduation. We had the graduation party at my sister Karey's house. We spent the morning decorating and setting up for the party. Then the graduation in the afternoon, followed by the party. It was the only sunny day while I was in Oregon, which was perfect timing! It was a nice graduation (although it could have done without so many speakers), and the party was a lot of fun. Again, the older cousins played with Ellie and Parker, giving me a chance to just visit!
Sunday we went to church with my mom and my grandma. Ellie was very excited to be able to go to children's church, and Grandma Kathy was the helper, which made it extra special! Sunday afternoon, after naptime, we went to my sister Jill's house for a family gathering of my dad's side. It was great to see all the kids running around, and Ellie and Parker got to hold another baby, their second cousin, Isabelle. We had a b.b.q. and really enjoyed spending time together. Then we went back, the kids went to bed, and I packed up the car.

Monday morning we left at about 4:30 for home. We had an uneventful ride home, and were super excited to get home and smother Jared with hugs and kisses!

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